Deploy Friday: Your source for everything Open Source

#38: Innovation despite lockdown, progress during COVID-19

August 12, 2021 Robert Douglass, Zohar Stolar, Netanel Goldstein, Elroi Marom Episode 38
Deploy Friday: Your source for everything Open Source
#38: Innovation despite lockdown, progress during COVID-19
Show Notes

The OpenideaL origin story
OpenideaL is an ideas and innovation management software created by Linnovate. Based on Drupal, OpenideaL is the leading open source solution for running innovation and ideation campaigns through a community.

Elroi, the CEO at Linnovate, explains the project’s origins started, interestingly enough, with the Israeli government, before pivoting to enterprises. “Enterprises realized that it’s a very good solution for them, and they adopted it, either to hear their consumers, or to hear their employees. It was very successful because at Linnovate we suddenly sold many downloads.”

Discuss, promote, and rate ideas easily
Zohar, Linnovate’s Head of Product, explains OpenideaL’s features. “Out of the box, you have all the tools for managing communities. This means you can have users, groups, comments, notifications, everything that allows a community of people who share the same interests to communicate and flourish together, to create things in a better and more efficient way.” OpenideaL’s feature set includes different ways to:

  • Add ideas
  • Discuss ideas
  • Vote on ideas
  • Take an idea to a closed group
  • Share the idea with a group of experts

Clearly defined workflows
OpenideaL takes each idea through a defined workflow. Zohar breaks it down like this: “An idea goes from the draft, which is private, to the ideation phase, where it’s open to the community. After that is the review phase, where experts come in and give their opinion, and there is a discussion between them and the authors. After the review phase, the idea either goes through acceptance, postponed, or rejected statuses.” 

What’s next for OpenideaL
Elroi, Zohar, and Netanel have many plans for OpenideaL’s future. For 2021, they are considering:

  • Increasing engagement using AI text analysis 
  • Offering OpenideaL as a SaaS for more flexibility
  • Working on a machine learning module which will help the administrators and users gain more insights 
  • No-code skins for clients who want the ability to change the way the platform looks and feels

Says Zohar, “Our goal in OpenideaL is not just social activity. It’s about taking an idea from its very first form, like a grain, and watering and fertilizing it with the involvement of many people.”

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