Deploy Friday: hot topics for cloud technologists and developers

#28: Language Spotlight — Java

June 16, 2021 Larry Garfield, Otavio Santana, Monica Beckwith, Geertjan Wielenga Season 1 Episode 28
Deploy Friday: hot topics for cloud technologists and developers
#28: Language Spotlight — Java
Show Notes

We continue our Language Spotlight series with Java, an object-oriented programming language that has shaped the course of the internet in enormous ways. Today we speak with two Java champions, Monica Beckwith and Geertjan Wielenga, to discuss Java’s impact so far as well as its course for the future.

What is a Java Champion?

Since we have two Java champions as guests today, let’s start off with defining a Java champion. Monica and Geertjan describe the term as a collection of expert knowledge, a sign that you have contributed to and are committed to the Java community, and last but not least, a group of friends. Geertjan adds, “It’s a badge of honor as well.”

With their extensive Java experience, Monica and Geertjan are well-positioned to define what has made Java one of the top languages in the world throughout its 25-year history.

Java’s defining features and attributes

Java is a mature language supported by a huge and vibrant community, with extensive information and documentation available to all levels of learners. Our two guests also emphasize that Java has evolved with the times, and that this adaptability is a defining characteristic of the language. They list others, like:

  • Portability
  • Garbage collection
  • Memory management
  • Static typing 
  • Functional programming 

When not to use Java

While Java is a great choice for many instances, our guests acknowledge that there are cases where it’s best to use another language. Geertjan says Java isn’t great for front-end work, and smaller applications, “... in particular, if you're creating a shopping cart, or you're creating some hotel booking system, or some other relatively lightweight project, Java is probably the wrong language.” 

Our guests’ final words on Java

Java is a mature, approachable, adaptable language that’s been extremely influential to the world of development. Geertjan sums it up. “Java is a vibrant community of enthusiastic and friendly people all over the world. If you want to learn a language to get started in programming, Java is definitely a good choice to make.”

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