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#39: The Agency Partner Program

August 23, 2021 Chantal Pastorek, Aaron Porter, Chad Carlson Season 1 Episode 39
Deploy Friday: Your source for everything Open Source
#39: The Agency Partner Program
Show Notes

What is the Partner Program

For digital agencies, offers a number of incentives and benefits that make our service more attractive and your business more profitable. The team behind the Digital Agency Partner Program, and our guests today, explain how this partner program includes exclusive pricing, co-selling, and special features. 

Revamping the partner program

We brought on Chantal Pastorek to revamp and relaunch the partner program. Now, as our Agency Partner Manager for North America, she explains the value proposition we’re looking for, “We wanted to find a way to really identify the agency partners that were going to work with us to co-sell, and to achieve goals for both the agency and We wanted to figure out who our actual partners were and clean that up across our systems.”

Identifying and expanding the partner profile

Chantal touches on the diversity of our partner organizations, “The types of agencies we want to work with are people building websites, managing multiple projects, or building out different web applications.” 

Aaron Porter, Partner Program Global VP, credits the visionary architecture of the Partner Program toolset for not limiting our audience. “We don't have to be a tool or a program that's focused on one particular type of agency. We have the capabilities to take on partners that are still growing in complexity or are already a large agency.” 

The Partner Portal: your one-stop partnership hub

Chantal gives the lowdown on what’s included in our partner portal. “The partner portal was created as a resource for partners, so they could access training, register and track their opportunities, but also access materials for co-selling, competitive intel, and marketing assets.” In the product dashboard, we share with partners what’s being released, what’s coming up, and opportunities to provide feedback, input, and ideas.

Sell more, sell better: partner enablement

For Aaron, “enablement” is the key word. Every step of our partner program is about enabling partners to sell more and better to their clients. “Whether it's technical expertise training, a strategic kind of selling session, a pre-sales session, or co-selling live, each one of those pieces of enablement is what gets their project over the goal line and what drives the partner program. We want to powerfully aid our partners in their success.” 

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