Deploy Friday: Your source for everything Open Source

#43: Move your Java Microservices to the cloud with Payara

September 08, 2021 Otavio Santana, Chad Carlson, Rudy de Busscher, Fabio Andres Turizo Season 1 Episode 43
Deploy Friday: Your source for everything Open Source
#43: Move your Java Microservices to the cloud with Payara
Show Notes

Our guests today Rudy de Busscher, on the Payara Sales team, and Fabio Andres Turizo, a Payara Engineer, speak with us about the importance of standards, what Jakarta EE offers developers, and using Payara. 

Defining Payara

Payara is a cloud-native, open source middleware platform that’s both Jakarta EE and MicroProfile compatible. It comes in two versions; community and enterprise. With the enterprise version, you get access to partners in the community, and very long-term support — 10 years! Payara supports on-premise, in the cloud, and hybrid Jakarta EE applications.

Standards mean interoperability and sustainability

Both Rudy and Fabio are big on standards, especially when it comes to microservices development. Fabio says, “Standards are important for multiple reasons — but I think the main one is variety. Where there's a body for standards, there's room for anyone to develop an implementation of that standard. And you as a developer have the option to choose what it is.”

There may be many reasons you can’t continue using a specific technology. In those cases, Fabio says, “Following a set of standards guarantees that you can quickly migrate to another vendor, and that migration is easier because both vendors are following the same standard. The process becomes more pain-free.”

Payara in the community

Payara is a successor to the now-defunct Glassfish. But Payara has some things Glassfish did not, according to our guests:

  • Higher code quality
  • Consistent bug fixes, updates, and improvement
  • Compatibility with MicroProfile and Jakarta EE
  • Tooling for use in any development environment 

More comprehensive documentation lies ahead!

One of Payara's goals for 2021 is to make their documentation even more inclusive and welcoming. Fabio says, “One of the main plans for the year is to integrate everything — make it easily readable and more intuitive. If you're just starting out, or you’re a mid-level engineer trying to understand the nuances of how to operate Payara properly, then you will have all the tools you need in the documentation.”

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