Deploy Friday: Your source for everything Open Source

#45: The Next Generation Servlet Engine to your cloud application

September 08, 2021 Robert Douglass, Chad Carlson, Greg Wilkins, Simone Bordet Season 1 Episode 45
Deploy Friday: Your source for everything Open Source
#45: The Next Generation Servlet Engine to your cloud application
Show Notes

What is Jetty?

Today, our guests share their extensive experience with Jetty. Greg Wilkins is the original software engineer for Jetty and Simone Bordet is a Jetty Committer. Jetty itself is an HTTP server and container for deploying Java servlets that run on HTTP, and it was also the first Java application server to be deployed as a clickable JAR file. Jetty started as a small open source project, and then moved to the Eclipse Foundation in 2009, where it still finds its home today.

Greg adds, “Jetty is actually a lot more than an HTTP server. Over the years, the way we've developed the software is rather than being an application container, Jetty is a good software component first that can be used to make an application server, but it can also be used to make embedded applications and various other things.” 

Who uses Jetty?

Jetty has a 25-year history with clients big and small, commercial and open source, from SaaS products to PaaS services. As Simone puts it, “Jetty is deeply battle-tested.” What do clients like about Jetty? It is:

  • Highly extensible, flexible, and pluggable
  • Highly scalable for large loads
  • Can be scaled down for smaller deployments

What’s ahead for Jetty?

The new Jetty comes with significant improvements in performance and documentation, new features, and upgrades to Java 11 and Jakarta EE 9. Moving forward, Simone and Greg have plenty more they’d like to explore. “In the future, I'd like to see the standard support a good, reactive and/or asynchronous, scalable HTTP protocol and all the protocol features, and then have the application features layered on top of that,” says Greg. 

After working on Jetty for so long, Greg says it is just as relevant as it ever was. “It is amazing to keep doing it and to see the way Jetty keeps developing. What happens above us and the way people use the web changes all the time, but they still need this HTTP protocol.” 

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