Deploy Friday: Your source for everything Open Source

#52: OpenStack in the Enterprise; the Path to Your Own Cloud

December 02, 2021 Robert Douglass, Dr. Jens Kruger, Kenneth Tan, Mihaela Constantinescu Season 1 Episode 52
Deploy Friday: Your source for everything Open Source
#52: OpenStack in the Enterprise; the Path to Your Own Cloud
Show Notes

OpenStack: scalable, automated cloud infrastructure

We introduced OpenStack, powerful open source software that automates the management of hardware and infrastructure, in our 50th episode. Organizations like Sardina Systems use OpenStack to offer their clients scalable, pay-as-you-grow cloud infrastructure. Today we have two guests from Sardina Systems, Kenneth Tan and Mihaela Constantinescu, who manage OpenStack installations for their customers. Our other guest, Dr. Jens Krüger, uses Sardina to deploy OpenStack for the University of Tübingen, Germany.

Sardina Systems deploys OpenStack to private cloud customers

Sardina Systems knew they needed an open source cloud infrastructure base to build on. They researched the market and ended up picking OpenStack due to its “tremendous velocity of development,” as Kenneth puts it.

Sardina Systems’ flexibility, ability to scale, and attention to privacy and security are desirable to organizations in industries with particular needs regarding security and privacy. Sardina Systems’ enterprise cloud platform, Fish OS, is specifically geared toward creating private clouds for finance, telecommunications, healthcare, and government clients. Sardina Systems is also highly cost-effective compared to many big-name competitors — a private cloud is a fraction of the cost compared to others like Azure or Google Compute Cloud. 

The University of Tübingen chose Sardina Systems because, according to Dr. Kruger, “Sardina provides a supportive environment for rolling updates with, theoretically, zero downtime, and practically, something very close to that. It saves the university a lot of headaches.” 

Open Source creating natural alliances where the competition can’t also uses OpenStack, enabling us to offer public and private cloud services to various customers. Since OpenStack is open source, it can bring together ecosystems of cloud infrastructure service providers like Sardina Systems and in a way that public (often proprietary) cloud can’t. There are alternatives to OpenStack, such as NFS, which work well for storage. But they tend to be slower, and they lack the self-healing and re-balancing that OpenStack offers.

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