Deploy Friday: Your source for everything Open Source

#57: Know the enemy — assessing the cybersecurity threat

January 20, 2022 Jane Frankland, Fareedah Shaheed, Eliza-May Austin, Robert Douglass Season 1 Episode 57
Deploy Friday: Your source for everything Open Source
#57: Know the enemy — assessing the cybersecurity threat
Show Notes

Our guests today, Jane Frankland, owner and CEO of KnewStart, Fareedah Shaheed, CEO and founder of Sekuva, and Eliza-May Austin, Co-Founder of,  help us determine the state of the cybersecurity world today and how it can affect you.

Defining cybersecurity

All three guests admit the term “cybersecurity” is broad. Eliza May says,” Cybersecurity is broad for a reason; it has to encompass lots of different avenues of data; computer, network, phone, apps, and there is a social aspect to it as well.”

Education and social responsibility in cybersecurity

Jane believes those in the cybersecurity field have a responsibility to push the field in the right direction, but she acknowledges the difficulties. She says, “Cybersecurity professionals have a job to do in terms of trying to influence and steer countries into making the right decisions. But it’s very difficult as technology advances, and we become more connected — we lose a certain amount of control.”

Bringing more people into understanding cybersecurity can help lift the burden, explains Fareedah, “When we're trying to educate the public on phishing or social engineering attacks, we have to talk to them as if they're as smart as they actually are and in a way that they can understand, especially if they’re from different backgrounds. Really breaking down concepts and being there with them and helping them understand how it affects them and their daily life is critical.”

Cybersecurity strategies at a business level

As with most things, there is no way to protect yourself 100% when it comes to cybersecurity. But Eliza-May suggests some steps you can take to make your business more secure.

  • Know your risk level and level of risk-tolerance
  • Understand the variety of strategies you could employ
  • Assess your resources  — what budget, processes, technologies, and talent do you possess to put your strategies into practice?

The work is never over

Our three guests emphasize that the cybersecurity field can be challenging for those who work in it. “Many cybersecurity professionals are stressed and under-resourced,” Jane admits. But that’s also because the nature of the work is inherently more complex. “It’s much easier for attackers; they only have to find one way in. Our job of protecting and defending is much harder.” she says.

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